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Monday, January 7

Granite Security Gun Safe is the Cheaper Way to Your Gun Safety

Some men lived the dream of collecting guns and ammo. They feel that if they are collecting these, they have more machismo than the others. Others are using them for firing competitions which today may now be called a sport. While others would simply want to have a collector’s edition and they would pay any amount to suit them. But, what if these collections would be stolen and may even cause their death. They knew that it is such a peril if it would be in the hands of the wrong person. That’s why they are having a safe for them to place the guns in there and keep it hidden.
A safe should have a quality and a standard characteristic but as expected it may cost a small fortune to obtain it. The safe’s interior should be at least 58’’ long for the 30’’ barrel to be fitted and the other space can be filled up by a smaller guns and ammo. There can be also a feature that can be installed after you purchase it for more room. An important rating should be given to meet the standard of a safe. A good price from Granite Security gun safe makes everyone purchase it. it will only cost you less than a thousand dollar. 

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It is the best bargain that anyone can offer to the people on a tight budget. It weighs under 600 pounds, and been given a rating by the UL RSC so you don’t need to worry at the level of protection. Granite Security gun safe has a 1’’ thick bolts and door jambs, and weighs in at 12 gauge steel, and a dimension of 60 x 30 x 22 ‘’ on the exterior. And on the interior which is at maximum of 56’’. So, you need to modify the top shelf to have a room for the 30’’barrel rifles or by removing the top shelf.  The interior of Granite Security gun safe is adjustable. That means that 24 guns can be fitted inside. It also has a dehumidifier access port and a UL approved locker. If a thief would want to get it, it is heavy that you can catch him easily. If you would like to place it over your cabinets, you place 8-10 guns on each side.

Granite Security gun safe is one of the best brands in terms to safe for guns and ammunition. It’s affordable, and it has passed the standard quality and you are sure of the guns are intact inside. It is much better than those on the internet that is in bargain because of its gauge steel not a sheet metal safe.

You can always rely on Granite Security gun safe for your safety. No more dilemmas on where you would put your collection of guns so that it may cause no harm to your family. And also the scratches you wouldn’t like to have on your collections. And finally, there is storage for you to put on and not be harmed. 

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