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Monday, January 28

Monday Rush: Daddy On Cold Rush

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It's Monday again and I thought I'll be able to go to work today.  Unfortunately, the stress and the weather yesterday kicks into me that made me weak.

Dawn this morning the cold rush kicks in and I wake up my wife to give me jacket and jogging pants.  I was really cold and shivering.  Later on I ask for a medicine and praying to heal me instantly.  It's not really good for me to be in bed long.  

It seems that I'm always sick lately.  Perhaps it's the stress that we're having, most especially financial matter.  It's really difficult to budget things in the house when you're already having problem financially.  Hay... problems, problems, problems.  It's even harder when the cause of your illness is the thought of providing for your family.  My wife is already asking me if she could work but I always ask her who will take care of the kids.  Specially now that Gelo is on the stage of learning and mimicking things around him.  

I still believe that there's no problem greater than God.  He is bigger than everything.  I think this illness needs more prayer.  Hope you could prayer for me as well.  Don't worry as of this writing I'm starting to feel better now.  At least I have taken the rest this morning and took medicine as well.  

Just a tip if you're feeling not well already first things you should do to avoid it getting worst is drink plenty of water, take the medicine (if not sure ask your doctor about it), and the best of all rest. 

So what do you do when you're feeling sick?  Hope you could share it here.
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