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Monday, January 14

Monday Rush: Monday Crisis

The first half of the first month of the year has ended and it’s really an unpleasant start of the year for us but thank God help is always there when you needed it. God really knows the timing and when to shower it. Though it was unpleasant we are still looking forward for a good year to come and we’re, as much as possible, eradicating that negative vibes. Good vibes, good thoughts, and more prayers!

Speaking of crisis, just early this morning while I was crossing one of the footbridges in the Commonwealth Ave area I’ve noticed that the flooring of that bridge is already not in good condition. The metal sheet is already worn out and I don’t know how thin it is already but I can feel under my feet that it wasn’t that strong enough. I don’t know much about metal construction but I know it’s really worn out and any time now it may cause accident. For me, I’m a bit frightened that’s why when I cross there I make sure to walk on the safe path. I forgot the term but it’s the frame where the metal sheet is riveted or wielded.

This is an old picture.  The footbridge I'm telling
is the one crossing the main highway.
The local government should take a look of this maintenance problem and it should be taken care as early as possible to avoid accident. It’s a bridge and people use it everyday.

I think if the local government is going to do the repairs they should do it before the Election period starts. Or if they really want to do public service there plenty of sheet metal supplier in the area perhaps they could bargain and do the repair out of their own pockets. Hahaha! That’s as if they’re going to do that! Perhaps they should because it’s an add on to their “good deeds”.

How was your Monday?
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