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Tuesday, January 29

Praying For Our Dream House

I don't know where this photo came from and this is not mine but I truly like this.  

Two years from now I'm dreaming and praying that we will have our own dream house with a garage for our dream car as well. My wife and I will pray and work hard to achieve that goal for our kids. They are now growing and we wanted have a bigger house for them. Time is running so fast that perhaps the next thing we knew they're all grown ups already, so we want to have their early years with a good memory of our dream house. A house with complete rooms, of course both of them at least should have each room aside from the master's bedroom and the guest room. So it should be from the master bedroom up to the garage. Pretty neat!

Since both of them are boys I might as well get ready with some bikes, skateboards, and hopefully some spare car for them. I don't want them to fight over a car. I don't know what will be their likes in the future but I just want to be ready for that time.

With that I might as well also need to have good garage organization systems for the tools that we will be needing in the future. It is better to be organized than to have some uncertain accidents.

So what do you think of our dream? Will you spare a prayer to make it all come true?
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