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Monday, January 28

The Old Days of Taking Pictures

Last weekend I was able to ransack old stored boxes in our cabinet. I was cleaning the house and was able to clean that portion of the house. The boxes is where we store some old things that we haven't use or will not be use but it is still useful us. Out of curiosity I tried to look again what's inside that boxes. I was surprised to see that most of our pictures during the pre-digital age of camera were there and I think the last time I see them is when Maki was still a baby.

I remember the day when cameras were still using a negative film. It's very costly taking pictures, even the number of shots are limited and worst you won't be able to see the result instantly. You'll have to wait till it is developed first. Perhaps the only good about it is the excitement that it brings because you don't know what it looks like will it be okay or will be worth placing inside the photo album.

The last camera that I've used was the one with a panoramic shot selection where you can take a picture of the panoramic view but of course just like the old cameras you need to wait till it is developed.

Now seeing this pictures gives me an idea to set a photo scanning activity where I'll devote at least one day just to have those pictures scanned and stored digitally, at least if the hard copy got damaged or worn out already I would still have a copy of those pictures digitally and I could still reproduce more of it everytime I want it. That's the gift of technology for us making those moments seen almost like eternal.

How about you? How do you store or restore some old pictures?
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