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Sunday, February 17

Daddy Day Care: Weekend Shopping

3 Day Sales has always been of help to us, we get to hold things that are below its original price which means it's cheaper and it's really a caching for us because we could save more.  I know we're not the only ones who after the sale.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who would really spend time on sales, for some this is their time to hunt for something that they really like and others for the branded ones which sometimes offers big discount.  For whatever the reason is, this is really one of those great moments to spend without the guilty feeling.  Of course it should be on your designated budget to spend.  

Today we were able to do the shopping together with the kids.  I know that this day won't be easy.  There's this gut feeling that it will be a hard day to spend but I'm sure I will love and enjoy this day even though it will be hard.  That's what I thought right before we went shopping and it did happen.  As a result of that and as I was writing this post I'm already not feeling well.  Well and hey, it's for the kids!

So what had happened during the shopping?  Well plenty!  Most of our finds were for the kids of course and for mommy.  For me?  well I did get one also but I still prefer to get things for the kids.  They need it.  Aside from the finds there were also instances that Maki was hyper, Gelo got his diaper loosen, Mommy got mad of Maki, Maki accidentally hit Mommy with the push cart, Gelo and I got tired of waiting, we couldn't instantly find Gelo a shoes with just on a budget, and many more.  It's an interesting, happy, and hard day for all of us but what's great is that we spend the day shopping together.  A bonding moment!  Well perhaps I pray in the future that we get to get more for the kids.

How about you?  How was your weekend?  What activity did you do?  Hope you could share it here.
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