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Friday, February 1

Friday Toys: Fluffy Luv-A-Bear

Hi readers!  I know it's the first day of the love month and most of the establishments are getting ready for the wonderful day.  I'm sure you can already see and feel the love in the air.  Well, while looking for some good toys to feature on our Friday Toys I found this picture posted on the Fanpage of Toy Kingdom, its the ever cuddly and fluffy favorite toy... what else but none other than the Teddy Bear but for this one they called it as Luv-a-bear!

So for those who are going to buy something for their love ones this coming Valentine's Day may be you should try this Luv-a-bear from Toy Kingdom which is just Php399.75.  Surprise them with something cuddly like this and for those who are hoping to get the magical words out from the lips of their beloved ones well you can add up something more than just the Luv-a-bear.

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