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Friday, February 8

Friday Toys: Little Teddy Bear With a Heart

This little fellow here came from the lovely Valentines Gift set of Mister Donut and guess what my younger son, Gelo loves to hug this little fellow.

So today err should I say tonight, our Friday Toys is a cute little Teddy Bear from Mister Donut.  The size of this little fellow is a little below half of the ruler.  The bear's sitting position is well defined, so you really know that his sitting and perhaps it is made that way for decoration purposes.  The materials good and the stuffing is not too lumpy and too stuffed.  Over all the bear is great for this coming Valentine's day.

Though this cuddly cute little one is not intended for the kids, maybe it's great for the little picky hands of the toddlers and pre-schoolers.  The Mister Donut Valentines Gift set is only Php165.00 which includes 6 pieces Belgian bites in a heart shaped tin can, the cute little bear and a heart shaped balloon.  If you don't have any special someone your little little siblings will sure love to have this.  
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