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Wednesday, February 27

Just An Updated

Well, I just want to updated this blog today because I was away for more a week already.  Been a harsh week for me and our family and things does come when you least expect it, worst we were unprepared of the situation.  It was traumatic for my wife and stressful on my part as well.   Yes, according to my wife she's still in trauma, until now she could still see the face of our child experiencing that situation that we don't want to happen to our kid but it happened.    Perhaps it was a learning experience for us.

Right now, I'm still unable to get together my thoughts.  It is still like a jumbled puzzle but I'm trying to get into working mode.  So far, I think I'm 50% functional, specially with how my thoughts and mind rhythm brings me.  Though I want to take a rest off from work my leave credits are all used up and I don't want to end up getting my salaries with less absences.

So, I do hope and pray that we'll be great again and be on top shape once more.  I can't wait for the coming weekend.  A good weekend relaxation!  

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