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Saturday, February 2

LED TV, One Of The Pray List

Okay since I already got some few pictures of the LED TV I might as well share it with you.  Just bare with the photos because it's not that good.  Most of the pictures that I'm using for now are taken only using the phone camera.  So it is not really a quality photo.  I'm still praying for that one I just don't know when will God give that but I'm sure He will but of course in His time.

So what was the LED TV again?  Well, it's a 24 inches LED TV from the brand name DEVANT.  I have heard the name already but wasn't sure where it is from.  In my opinion it sounded European.  Perhaps I need to do research about this DEVANT brand.  It got so many features that I really can't wait to try it all, though I have tested some of it already and they are perfect.

So how did I got that?  If you're one of those American Idol fan I know you'll envy us for watching the first episodes of the American Idol Season 12.  It was shown at StarWorld Philippines and I just got lucky to have won it over a raffle during the event.  It was really extravagant, of course I'm expecting to be called and when I was I just made simple gesture of a slight punch in the air saying "Yes!"  I was really happy that night.

Again thank you StarWorld Philippines and Ms. Tricia and for all the American Idol fans out there watch the show on StarWorld Thursday and Friday 6PM, 8PM, 11PM.
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