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Thursday, February 7

Memory Lane: Diskette Love Notes

The image is not mine just found it on
credit and attribute to the rightful owner of this image.

Since it's the love month and we are just few days away for the sweetest and romantic day of the year, I might as well share some things happened down the Memory Lane.  I have done this years ago.  The item that I'm referring to is already in a storage which I don't know where my wife hid it.  Oh yes, I gave that notes to my ex-girlfriend, now my wife.  

Perhaps and I know the only people who would answer if they still know the 3 and a half inch disk are those people who are in the same era as mine.  Perhaps and hopefully before the Valentine's day came I could ask my wife and find that love note and take a picture of it then share it here.  

I've don't know what are the notes that I have place in that diskette but one thing I'm sure there's "I Love You" in it.  Hehehe.  I know you are wondering how I made that disk into a love.  Well, as you have already known that I'm a very creative person in my own way.  I did something extra interesting about that disk and since it was already nonfunctional I thought of making it a love note in disguise.   I pasted pieces of rectangular size paper with a note on each pieces, since the shape of the opening of the disk when you slide the metallic covering is just a small rectangular shape.   I just marked the back of the disk where it can be turned (I just forgot the turn if it is counter clockwise or clockwise).   

Now imagine that!  I don't know how it came to my mind but I'm sure I love creating unique love notes that time.  

How about you?  What's the most unique love notes that you have created?
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