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Monday, February 4

Monday Rush: Bus Rush

It's seldom that I take the provincial bus on a Monday but today was quite an unusual event because of some circumstances.  I take two bus ride which I only do if I went home on weekdays.  What's interesting about today's ride was that the two buses are both on the rush.

The first one, which is a city bus, I can assume that they need to speed up because they need to have travel and passengers.  Not really sure how they get their earnings but I think they have a quota and on top of that is their take home.  They need to settle first the quota.

The second one, which is a provincial bus, is also on the run.  I'm don't know how the provincial bus drivers are paid but one thing is I'm sure today both of them are really driving more than the required speed limit.   Though, I really need the rush today and I be early or I'll be going to be late.

After more than one hour of ride I was in Dau Terminal already few more minutes before 8 but I still need two more jeepney ride going to the office.  The spare time was just right to make it on time, unfortunately the first jeepney ride waited for more passengers which is unusual for that route.  In other words I was late today.  Hay....

How about you?  How was your Monday?
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