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Sunday, February 3

My Pledge

At the beginning of this year of the snake most of us made our new years resolution and some even made inspiring pledges.  Its interesting because pledges are ought to be done and not to be scrape out from the list that we have created.  It's something that shouldn't be neglected and taken for granted.

So according to wikipedia PLEDGE means a promise similar to an oath.  If it is a promise similar to an oath it only means that it's intended to be fulfilled or materialized and what ever your pledges, promise or oath are, all of them an supposed to be done!

For this year there was a contest in one of the major electronic companies and they are asking people what they are going to do to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life?  It is a call not only to change one self but also the world.  In my part I did participate not only to win the prizes but also to have the pledge become an advocacy that will help other parents live a happy and meaningful life together with their kids.  Making them aware of their kids and knowing their children more.

So what is my pledge?  Here it is "I PLEDGE TO ENCOURAGE MORE PARENTS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR KIDS" it is a simple pledge but I do hope to reach more parents and help them learn more about their kids perhaps through this blog.

I said also that I hope to win as well on this contest, so I'm asking for a little help from you, readers, by simple clicking on the link above or just simply click here and vote as well.  Thank you and I pray that I could share more stories, tips, and learning with my two kids.  Let us all learn being a parent!

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