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Saturday, February 2

The Panatag Mom Contest

Just the other day (I think) my wife ask my help for a pictorial and guess who's the model, well, it's none other than my eldest son Maki.  It was a pictorial for my wife's entry for the Lactum's contest.  I think it is about the Panatag Moms Contest.  Panatag means worry-free and that's with regards to the nutritions that the kids should be having with their foods.

My wife did first her simple recipe with the help of my Mother-in-law and then later on let our kid be the model as he eats the dish that they made together with the Lactum Milk.  It was fun taking pictures of Maki and seeing him enjoys the pictorial and of course the food as well.  He was enjoying every munch and every sip of the soup.  Too bad we don't have a better camera to capture that moment.  We just content ourselves with what we have and that is the phone camera, it was a low resolution and the image is not as crisp as it is if it was taken with a good camera.

So we did finished taking the pictures and we then checked out which one is the best image to be submitted as our entry for the contest.  I'm already saying our entry hahaha.  Since she bothered me already I might as well be part of the team.

After thorough comparing all the pictures of Maki eating Mommy's dish we decided to take this one...

So what do you think of the picture?

After that we made a little fill in the blanks from the apps of Lactum which is in rhyme.  Short but I an say it is a good rhyme.

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