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Tuesday, February 5

Tuesday Parenting: Fever Alert!

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I find it cute and I want to share it here.

Fever is one of the common illnesses that informs us that there's something wrong with our body.  It is the alerting system for us all whether your a kid or an adult.  Yes, we all experience it specially when there are infections in our body.  It is also part of the body's defense system.  So basically and according to some articles and books that I have read about fever it is normal to experience fever the only threatening about it is when the temperature of the fever rises and constantly above our body's normal temperature.  Then that's the time that we should be alert.

For us parent or adults we can endure high fevers and also we can already tell clearly to the doctors what we we are ailing about but for kids and babies these high fevers is not good.  We parents should not take fever for granted instead we should be on alert at all times most specially when kids and babies have high fevers.

I remember one time one of the babies of my wife's relatives experienced comvulsion or in Filipino we often calls it as "kombulsyon" and that happens when kids and babies with high fever are taken for granted.  In medical terms they call it "febrile comvulsion".  Hehehe... consulted Google for that and I found it on  So the baby experienced comvulsion and the parents and grandparents doesn't know what to do and there were commotions in the area already.  Perhaps that's what happens to most of us when we don't know anything about it and lives are at stake.  The incident sinks in to us in a negative way and sometimes causes us to be immobile.  

I'm not a medical practitioner to know every details about these comvulsions.  We haven't experienced it to our kids and we don't want to experience that in Jesus name.  All I know is that when kids or babies are brought to the hospital or clinics, the doctors or nurses first thing does is they lower down the temperature by wetting them.  I really don't know how they do that.

So what we, parents, need to do when kids or babies have fever is that we should make sure to drop down that temperature by giving them medicines which is prescribe by the pediatrician or let the child drink plenty of water.  I, myself experienced fever and the fastest way for me to drop down that high temp fever is by drinking plenty of water.

So, how about you moms and dads?  What are your remedies and tips in taking care of a child with fever?  Hope you could share it here.
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