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Thursday, March 7

3 Priority House Repairs

I’ve was able to stay in the house during weekdays this past two weeks. Though I’m not ought to stay but the situation tells me so and being there seeing those things for repairs are an eye sore, especially if you usually have plenty of visitors coming in and out of the house.

Since there are quite a number of things for repair I’m planning to have perhaps two days off from work but of course I need plan things out first. Also I need to have a budget to buy things needed for the repair.

I was able to list them down and sorted out which part of the house needs immediate attention. The result, there were three major parts of the house that needs to be repaired immediately. One is the roof, second is the kitchen sink and third is the CR. Those three are important part of the house that should be taken care. Perhaps the easiest and fastest to be repaired is the kitchens sink because I won’t have to change the kitchen top into soapstones all it needs is the white cement or fillings for the leaky spots of the sinks. Though I wanted to change the kitchen top into something new and of a little bit rough like the soapstones to avoid slips and breaking of the dining wares when washing.

Then second would be the roof. It has too much leaks already and it’s like raining inside the house when it rains.

Third would be the comfort room which will entail a large amount to finance the repair.

So far these are things that we need to repair in the house. The question will be when?
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