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Thursday, March 7

Are Dads Out of The Scene?

How many commercials of your favorite family products include Dads?

Well for commercials shown on TV there are some that still include Dads in the family scene. Some of this brands that showcase commercials with Dads are Selecta, EQ, Surf and others. It seems that the people behind the concept of the commercials still value the need for Dads in the Family picture. These commercials shows that fathers are the head of the family and decision makings are still in his realm but of course with the support of the mothers.

I think in my opinion, other companies and brands prefer the mother image because they find moms wields a wide range of network. Perhaps it is true! But should Dads be taken out of the picture especially if the products are about families?

Before there are brands that include Dads in the family picture but portrayed in a very bad manner which most of the Dads hated before, especially the Stay-At-Home-Dad. Hahaha! I do hope that I will not see any commercials like that again.

For Daddy Bloggers like me, it seems that brands and companies seldom held events for Dads. Maybe they should try to hold some good events for the Dads. We, too have good networks.
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