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Friday, March 15

Friday Toys: Badminton Rackets

Photo from Toy Kingdom 
Great Friday to all Moms and Dads our Friday Toys for today is the Badminton Rackets.  A very interesting toy for kids and it's not too early for the kids to learn one good sports.  So you may get your kids to learn how to play Badminton, who knows your kids might be the next gold medalist.

These Badminton Rackets only cost Php449.75-Disney Princess Badminton Racket, Php449.75-Mickey Mouse Badminton Racket, and the last one is Php599.79-Donald Duck Badminton Racket.  All of these are great for the indoor and outdoor but much better for an outdoor play in the park.  If you have been following through my blog I have recently posted about an event in Quezon City Memorial Circle this coming March 17 so it's just a right timing to have these toys and play there.

So enjoy the weekend for a fun and exciting play at the park!

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