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Friday, March 1

Friday Toys: Line Character Doll

I'm back after a few days of out from this blog and mainly focusing on letting our youngest kid recover.  Well, he was hospitalized this past week and it was one of those situation that we were keeping them off but anyway thanks to God that He cover him with his healing hands. 

For todays featured toys is what something new in character but old in materials.  So with no further ado we present to you of the LINE CHARACTER DOLL which is a stuff toy that looks oddly looking face and what's good about it is that a lot of friends and customers were already having this and they are also using the application. 

Maybe in just a few days you'll see my name also popping in one of their apps.   Hahaha.  So for now let my kid enjoy the gift standing on the cabinet.  They still got plenty of toys to play with. 

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