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Friday, March 22

Friday Toys: Vintage Diecast Cars

Friday Toys is Daddy Yashiro's hub and a place to share my interest about toys.  For today's toy feature we will be sharing one of the vintage diecast cars that we have in our collection.

I'm not really familiar with the brand and models of vintage cars but I'm pretty much sure that these cars I'm sharing are vintage cars.  I often see this kind of cars on old movies like the Godfather and they use cars like these in doing their things.  What I like about the vintage cars are their sleek look and design.  If ever that I would like to have a I would like to have a restored  version of the vintage cars.

For the parents who's not into toy cars, specifically diecast cars, make sure that if your kids will have these on the right time or age.  Make sure as well that they are informed of the making of the cars and that it is not for throwing or biting.  Also teach them to value these cars or toys as we parents value these as gifts for them.
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