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Thursday, March 7

Gelo Learning To Use Chopsticks

Hahaha! You read the title right! Gelo tried to learn how to use the chopsticks. A toddler with just a few months to go before turning two was able to have interest in using the good old chopsticks.

Last weekend we have our lunch in one of the Japanese restaurant on of the malls in Manila. Though it is not the first time that Gelo saw a chopstick, he wanted to use it while eating but of course we would not let him use it on his own because it is not yet appropriate for his age. Since Daddy is around, I let him use the chopsticks by guiding him. He was happy eating even though it was just pieces of rice on it. You can see on his face that he’s really having fun eating using the chopsticks.

I think it was the first that Gelo ate in a Japanese restaurant and his quite intrigue of the chopstick since he saw me using it. I think we will be having more chopsticks 101 with the kids.

How about you? Did your kids have interest in using the chopsticks?
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