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Sunday, March 24

Keeping The Kids Safe With Tool Boxes

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Repairing the house requires different tools and those tools must be kept in the right place to avoid accidents involving kids. Yes, for Dads, we should make our work places child-friendly even though that we are working with so many tools of shapes and sizes and the best way to do that is to have tool boxes to keep those tools safe, sound and friendly for the little tiny hands of our babies.  Let us all think of keeping the kids safe with tool boxes.

Since most of the tools that I'm using are my father's tools I'm planning to gave my father a gift to keep his tools safe and organized plus away from the kids to avoid any accident. I'm planning to give it as present this coming Fathers' Day. Hopefully I get a budget for this one.

We really need to keep things away from the little ones. We, parents, should always think of their safety and we should always put in mind the children whatever our plans are.

Perhaps next time that I'll be borrowing tools from my father I'll be seeing them in a box like the waterloo tool boxes or in a more appropriate unbranded tool boxes. At least I won't have to worry when my kids comes to me when I'm working or repairing cabinets and parts of the house.

How about you, do you consider the safety of your children? Hope you could share your thoughts about this. Good day!
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