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Thursday, March 7

Kids Are Cleaning The House Too

Kids are really observant and a good imitator! During my Daddy Day Care series I have seen them go along with what we do in the house.

During weekends, if we don’t have any events to cover, I and my wife does the household chores. She does the laundry and I do the sweeping and dusting inside the house. She does wet works and I do the dry and dusty works. She has a washing machine for the laundry and I only have the broom and rags to clean and wipe the dirt. It’s a little bit unfair but I’m used to it, even though there are times that I would think of getting a vacuum cleaner to make my cleaning a lot easier. I’m contemplating whether to get it online or just visit the appliance store. I’m hoping to have Miele Vacuum cleaners but I’m sure it is costly for now so I’ll just have to cross my fingers that my wife or someone will give it as gift.

So, during those cleaning days I would see my kids get the broom as well and does the cleaning. They’re mimicking what I’m doing. My eldest is turning 6 and the youngest is turning 2, both of them tries to help in cleaning the house. It was cute and fun to see that at their young age they’ve already know how to clean even though they are just copying what we do.
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