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Wednesday, March 6

My Tooth Problem

In one of my post here I have shared what happened to my tooth. It was annoying and it feels like I lost a portion of me. It was plenty of air when I talk, the pronunciation is bad, and it always cut my lips. Physically it was bad and internally I could say that it is a confidence reducer. Yup it is really one heck of a reducer. It does not only reduce my engagement with other people but it reduced also the way I smile to other people. It made my smile looks like a press release. I became less talkative and more conscious on the way I talk and open my lips. I'm having problem covering up for that lost portion of my tooth.

I think if hair is our crowning glory perhaps I could say that teeth are the scepter of our power. We're more convincing if we can talk properly and stress out more of our ideas.

I remember before when I was still I child, we would ask for the tooth fairy that for every tooth that come off we would ask for something in exchange. Now, it won't happen anymore because our teeth is permanent already. All that we can do now is go to the dentist and have our teeth be treated. In my problem I think if I still don't want to loose that tooth perhaps teeth cosmetic will do or a jacket but it will still be depends on what the dentist would advise. I'm just thankful that I don't have to end up having a Receding gums treatment. I need to be more careful with my teeth and make it as strong as possible by having more vitamins.

How about you? How do you care for your teeth?
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