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Friday, April 5

Friday Toys: Moodi Care Clock

Hmmm... I don't know if I will consider this as a toy or not but my kids enjoying the playful colors that this sweet little brings.  So be it, today's Friday Toys is the Moodi Care Clock which my wife got in an event.  A cutely designed cube that changes it's colors.  Not drastically changing its colors but in a mild and subtle way.  It's more like a flowing feeling of a calm river.  I do hope understand what I'm trying to figure it out here.

Well, parents don't have to worry for any small objects because there aren't any except for the batteries that I am sure is well sealed inside the battery containment.  The only thing the parents should watch out is the worn out batteries because if the kids will keep on playing with its colors the batteries won't last long.

Oh by the way it is a digital clock so kids can learn also reading the clock in digital format.  It is run by four triple "A" batteries and two wrist watch battery, I think.  Aside from the time it also got the date and the temperature.  So the kids will know things about time, date, and temperature while playing with its colors.

So do you have this in your home?  Hope you could share it here?
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