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Wednesday, April 24

Random Personal Thoughts

Just been having some bad times again and it seems that my trail of thoughts aren't working pretty well right now.  Yup, I'm having hard time constructing stories of events where I have been.  It's like a piece of paper with so many erased introductions, that is what happening to my head.  Though I know what are the thoughts that I want to right down it seems that I couldn't create a good masterpiece.

Right now concentration is not attainable and it is worthless making things that is not ought to be done as of this moment.  That's why I'm trying to get some words, phrases and sentences out of my head just to simply have it written and perhaps express what I wanted my readers to feel right now.

So what do I feel right now?  It might be bad to know but most of the negativity things are clinging on me.  Problem with this and problem with that, just don't know when will things stop and get better.
I just wanted to say...

if you're BIG enough to push me down 
you're making a BIG mistake about it 
because I have a GOD that is BIGGER than anything else.  
So whether you like it or not I have a BIG GOD who is always on my side.

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