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Sunday, May 19

Daddy Day Care: Gelo At Pizza Hut

After the whole day of taking care Maki and Gelo yesterday and after mommy arrived from an event, we all head out to the nearest mall in our area.  We went to Pizza Hut and tried their latest alien space look of the Cheese Burger Pizza.  Yup it really looked like an alien's spaceship.  My son loved it very much.

For now I'm featuring Gelo, since Maki had already been featured many times. This time it's Gelo's time to be seen.  The youngest, the "bunso" and yet the most aggressive among the two.

Right now, Gelo is already two (2) years old and his starting to do things on his own.  Now, he doesn't want to be hold when walking on the street (of course I'm always watching over him) and he wants to have his own big plate when we are eating.  Well, he's indeed starting to grow up now and that's inevitable.

We'll just have to provide more things for him to learn and of course more vitamins because as most of you know, he's a pre-term baby so his condition is really delicate and he easily catches viruses.

How's your day with your kids?

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