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Friday, May 17

Friday Toys: Bubble Animal

Friday Toys once again and this time we will feature one of the toys that Gelo got as a gift.  Well, unfortunately there are times that we just give gifts without knowing the age of the child and perhaps this is one of the things that we parents or godparents should know when giving gifts, make sure to know the age of the celebrator.

For this specific toy it is indeed obvious that this one is not yet right for Gelo's age because this may cause harm to him.  The pack comes with a frog like look animal, a pipe to blow air, and of course the bubble solution.  So, in order to let Gelo enjoy this one I'm into it, to do it for him and for his brother as well.  First I tried it according to its instruction at the back.

Unfortunately this toy doesn't make sense because all it does is like drooling out the bubbles.  It doesn't produces the right bubble for the kids to pop and play with.  In other words this toy ended up unplayable.  What we sort into was to use another bubble maker from their previous toy just to make bubbles.

So have encountered this kind of toy?  How was it?  Did it serve what it should be?

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