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Friday, May 10

Friday Toys: The Lego Story

Okay, once again Friday Toys is here but this time we will not be featuring any toys that we have or had. Instead, we will try to share some good old stories behind those famous toys that we know and love. We're not supposed to just know the name of the brand and toy but we should also get to know how these great toys came to be and further more we should also know who the makers of these fancy and enjoyable toys.

So, for a start of these wonderful segment here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys, we'll feature the story of one of the well known puzzle toy in the world. What else but the famous LEGO. I'm sure lots of you have played with it or have seen it. I remember when I was still a kid and my aunt from abroad used to send packages of these LEGO toys. I enjoyed putting them together and assembling the patterns, specially when you were able to finish putting them all together and seeing the final look of the design.

Before you scroll down and try to watch the animated film of how LEGO came to be, read first some of the information that I was able to get about LEGO.

But first let me give thanks and acknowledge great all GOOGLE for providing the links of where to find the story of LEGO and of course thanks to WIKIPEDIA being on top of the list and providing some of the information that I want know about LEGO. Okay, to summarize and perhaps put the whole thing into my own words and understanding, not verbatimly copied from WIKIPEDIA, the owner of LEGO, Ole Kirk Christiansen began his business as a carpentry workshop in Billund Denmark during the 1916 after purchasing a woodworking shop. Hit by the great depression Ole was then forced to construct toys in 1932. Some of the toys were piggy banks, pull toys cars, trucks and houses. Then on 1934, with the participation of his staff, two names came up to be considered by Ole in his contest to name the company, the “Legio” which comes from “Legion of toys” and “Lego” which is a self-made contraction from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well”. After a while it was interpreted in Latin as “I put together” or “I assemble”. Then the rest of the story on this animated film.

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