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Wednesday, May 15

Gelo and Max's Restaurant's Pata

Hahaha!  This are some of those pictures that Daddy Yashiro is proud of with our little one.  Yup!  He is holding a piece of Pata from Max's Restaurant which we had for take out.  We had it for lunch together my mother-in-law, mother, father, and my sister's family.  Gelo was really munching the Pata.  I guess he really liked it very much that he's holding it as if no one should get it from him.  Hehehe.  Thanks for Max's Restaurant for this take out.

If Max's going get a child model for their great foods I just hoped that Gelo would be picked as one of the lucky models of Max's.  I'm sure his mom would be a strict stage mom.

If you're thinking if he really finished with that pata size, well not really because we chop it down to the size that he could just get the meaty parts.

He liked it very much, maybe next time we'll get another round of it.
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