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Monday, May 13

Happy Mothers' Day To My Wife and to All

Just want to post this greetings that I have made yesterday for Mothers' Day.  Though I wasn't able to do anything for this Mothers' Day.  I just took a shot of a not so old painting that I have made a decade ago.  This painting was done August of 2002.  Then I put a Happy Mothers' Day greeting on it and greet her (my wife).

Since some part of the world is still celebrating Mothers' Day I just want to greet every mothers whether it is biological or not as long as your doing the duty of loving and caring, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

By the way here's the original version of that painting with my signature mark and date.

We were out yesterday preparing as well for our little Gelo's birthday and we really see a lot of greetings for Moms in the mall and some even have treats for them like this one that we saw on Goldilocks.  Take note this is not sponsored by Goldilocks.  hahaha!

Gelo's birthday celebration will be another story.    What's more interesting yesterday was that there was a surprise for my wife from Jollibee.  Now this is really a good treat from them because they delivered three (3) buckets of crispy Chicken Joy!  Isn't it good!  It's really a Mothers' Day celebration for my wife, my sister, and of course my mother.
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