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Monday, May 20

Monday Rush: Bad Monday, Sick Monday

Of all the days that you can be sick why does it always falls down on a Monday?  Monday sickness... hahaha!  Well unfortunately dizziness and nausea strikes back.  Yup! The "hilo and lula" thing once again hit me that made me unwell.  I think it was due to stress, not enough sleep, high blood perhaps and my eyes as well, it's been more than a month already that I'm not wearing eyeglasses.  Too many reasons to mention the cause of dizziness and nausea but one thing is for sure I am not well that day, especially during the morning.  Another negative sign on my leave credits.

Though, I still need to work on some of my online thingies but too bad I have to stay in the house and help watch out for the kids even though I'm dizzy.

So how about you?  How was your start of the week?
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