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Monday, May 6

Monday Rush: Comment Rush

Nice it's Monday once more and I'm looking forward for a great week!  Well, though our weekend staycation wasn't in a full blast of enjoyment because of some crazy viruses that clings on our youngest one, we still manage to have a good time.  That was indeed our first time!   I'll just have a little teaser of that moment for now and one of these days I'll tell the story here.  It was great experiencing that kind of event.   That's just for now.

Monday rush as usual I'm telling stories about how I rush things during Mondays and for this specific Monday and while I still have time before it becomes Tuesday I did rush on my weekly schedule of commenting.  Having read 35 blogs in just a short span of time is really exhausting and draining.  I think my thoughts melted down.  Anyway as I was blog hopping, reading and commenting on each of the blogs of the BC Bloggers network I was able to learn many things, like the surname things of women from Maxine Musings, for the others more of them were about organizing things which made me think again to continue organizing things.  My wife gets irritated when I ask for this and that or whenever I see the things that I've organized disorganize.

Good thing that I was able to finish the commenting on time for the cut-off.  Well that's my thing I rush things when it is in brick of the deadline.

Happy Monday to all!
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