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Wednesday, May 8

My Experience With Livestock and Livelihood

More than two years ago I, Daddy Yashiro, was assigned in the livelihood project of our company. Though I'm hesitant to accept another task and I don't have any knowledge about livelihood, still, I accepted it and gladly was able to managed and get through with it. It was nice working with people. Just like being a Dad it entails a huge amount of guts to go and face it. I manage my time working in the office and working in the field.

Though the work is fun there are things and unwanted circumstances that makes the flow of momentum disturb. Of course problems are always there but the best part is that how it is being solve.

What makes me enjoy more working with this people is that they are all parents and individual trying to earn more for their families. By having this livelihood it sure augment some of their needs every time they earn from it.

The livelihood deals with livestock, specifically hog raising. They have any equipment, though they have some knowledge in raising hogs. One of their mostly needed equipment is the livestock scale. Many operations require a proper livestock scale. Whether you are looking to streamline your weighing process or are looking to monitor the health of your livestock, a proper scale can help. sells livestock scales that suit a number of different needs.

Several sizes of alleyways and bar systems can help you measure the growth of your livestock accurately. The sturdy products carried by Floor Scales Direct have the ability to weigh cattle up to 5,000 pounds accurately and compensate for movement. Simply place the scale under a chute, platform, tank or hopper and you are ready to start weighing. This allows you to accurately weigh and sell your livestock, helping you get the most for your money. Floor Scales Direct also helps industry workers to save money by offering free shipping on their online merchandise. Each scale is also made with the finest materials, so they are built to last.

Many use a heavy duty steel construction and are treated to prevent rust. Some scale sets come with software that works specifically with the machine to help you keep records of each animal and monitor growth closer than ever before. Easy to assemble and made to withstand heavy weight, a livestock scale is an important tool for any farmer.

Thanks to some donors they were able to use a livestock scale for the livelihood which made their processes and procedure a lot easier.

I was glad to be part of their growth. My stay working with them was a memorable one because not only I have gained knowledge but also friends.
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