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Saturday, May 25

Raffle and Contest Sponsor Update

For my regular follower of the Friday Toys sorry to say that I wasn't able to have a post yesterday.  Got tired of the stressful preparation that I have been doing at work and for this blog.

So, for now I just want to inform those who still and would want to be part of the league of sponsors for Daddy Yashiro's Journal that this is the last day to receive sponsorship pledges.   You can refer to Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest and get the details of your chosen sponsorship package and of course where to send it.

If anyone would still want just say "I" together with your email address in the comment box and we will get into you to discuss the matter.

So, are you all ready for this awesome blog contest?  Two (2) more days to go before the launch!

Oh! I just want to give you a hint of some of the sponsors that we have.  It starts with this letter....

one is


and the other one is


So have you guessed it?

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