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Saturday, May 11

Will There Be A Daddy Blog Category In Tatt Awards 2013?

Who moves your world?  Is a more catchy phrase rather than saying something about the impact of the blogs or online personalities.

It seems that I have been seeing quite few people on my Facebook wall already nominating for their favorite online journals and personalities.  They're making sure that their favorite ones are on the list of the nominated phenomenal blogs and personalities, etc.  Though there are plenty of categories where they will fit in, I'm sure everyone is eyeing for the best ones that describes their journals or their stuff.  

So for this year's categories check the list down and if you want your blog or social media things to be included just check the list.

Blogger Phenom of the Year
Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year
Youtube Phenom of the Year
Instagram Phenom of the Year 
Best Social Media Movement
Best Comedy on Youtube
Best Music on Youtube
Best Style Blog
Best Sports Blog or Microblog
Best Tech Blog or Podcast
Best Photo Blog or Microblog
Best Travel or Food Blog

Just been wondering if there will be a category for BEST DADDY BLOG?  Oh by the way there's this Nominate A New Category.  I just hope that this blog would be nominated.  Hahaha!

So, for those who would like to nominate for their favorite blog site, users, or group just visit the TATT AWARDS 2013.    

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