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Tuesday, May 7

WWF and Bamboo Dappy, With An Environmental Call

It's gives me goose bumps whenever I'm in an event that is full of Moms and fewer Dads.  Hahaha!  Anyway I was glad that I was one of those chosen Dads together with my blog Daddy Yashiro's Journal to be part of the call in saving the environment.  Thanks to Ms. Tin Rementilla for inviting me to this one of a kind event.  It is one of my advocacy in life and good to know that other Moms and Dads are doing their shares also in saving the environment.

As most of you, readers, know I am a member of an environmental organization which dates back during college days.  Now, they refer to us as the senior ones.  Though we seldom meet, we still manage to keep the fire of saving the Mother Earth.  It was inflicted to us deep down to our souls.  That's why I love joining events like this.  I get to know also what's new in the environmental saving activities.

Okay, so much with the time travelling thing and lets go back to the present.  The event was about the awareness on how to save the environment and this event was done through the great effort of Ms Jenny Chua of Bamboo Dappy partnered with WWF and Holy Carabao.  All are into saving and making a difference for our environment.  Okay a little information about these two brands, Bamboo Dappy is a cloth diaper that aims to lessen the use of synthetic diapers while the Holy Carabao is a holistic farm with their all organic products straight from the farm.

Since Moms and Dads are the number one influencers they invited us all for a simple non-formal tea talks about the environment and what can we do to help, even more perhaps.

The Owner of Holy Carabao (I forgot her name) and
Ms. Jenny Chua of Bamboo Dappy
There were a presentation from WWF regarding the state of our environment and some information about the garbage that we are producing.  Too bad I wasn't able to get those data.  Aside from that there were also a call to commitment  or a pledge on what we intend to do to save Mother Earth.  It's more of I WILL IF YOU WILL.  Then a little bit of chit chat and of course food galore.

It was a mild and subtle but meaningful event.  I wish I had talked to most of the Moms present but I was a bit shy because most of them are Moms and I think we were only two Dads present.

By the way this is my pledge.
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