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Friday, June 28

Daddy Yashiro Enjoyed at the TOYCON 2013

It's Friday and today's Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys does not feature a single toy but an awesome collection of toys which I saw during the exhibit and conference of toy enthusiasts and collectors.  I'm sure Dads and kids who love to collect toys will eventually drool with some of the pictures that I have.  I know they are not that crisp and high pixel photos but hey I know you'll get the idea of how enticing they would be.  So better get your reading glass and see what are my pics during the TOYCON Philippines 2013 held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall.

Thursday, June 27

Robby Rabbit, Now Not Only Bags

Hi dear readers!  As Daddy Yashiro's Blog Anniversary raffle and contest ends I would like to introduce one of our sponsor, ROBBY RABBIT and some few information about them.  It was great having them as one of our sponsor.

So here it is, as most of us, parents or grandparents,  remember Robby Rabbit as the adorable mascot for children's bags it is also highly to note that they are also now into apparel and other stuff that kids will surely love.  They have been through a process of upgrading and leveling up.  Not only that we recognize him as the image of the brand but also as the fun-loving rabbit hopping around which has been around for over two decades. In fact, Robby Rabbit will be celebrating his 25th birthday on October this year!

Nobody can be sure why Robby Rabbit has thrived for so long, but if we were to take a guess, one reason is probably due to the owner's and his team's passion to innovate and anticipate what kids want and need. This school season, one of the new designs being rolled out (get it, "rolled" out?) is a trolley with wheels that light up when in motion. You have to see it in action!

Friday, June 21

The Search For First BlueWater Day Spa Babies

Families wellness usually thinks of by Moms but hey Dads think it too you know.  A few days ago Daddy Yashiro's Journal was invited for an event.  Unfortunately, Daddy Yashiro isn't available to to be there physically, so instead I asked someone to represent me in the said event.  Thank goodness that my BIL was there to represent.

Though I wasn't informed much about the details that happened that day, my rep sure enjoyed being there.  

The name of the establishment is BlueWater Day Spa which is known for their water spas for a sound mind and body.   Their services ranges from men, women, and now even babies, BlueWater Day Spa has created a totally family-friendly environment, which is coupled by its exciting and effective roster of wellness treatments.  A great place for family bonding and relaxing.

What Happened Last Father's Day?

It's a great day for Daddy Yashiro last Father's Day!  Though the feeling of the "iPay" lingers hahaha!  And I'm sure it will happen.  Anyway it was a blast!  I did enjoyed it very much and I'm much happier that the kids enjoyed our little escapade in SM City Fairview.  

Sunday, June 16

Toys For The Big Dads, Like Daddy Yashiro

image from
If you'll be seeing one portion of the shelves in our cabinet you'll find that Daddy Yashiro isn't just a blogger who indulge into blogging and online activities but I'm into collecting cars.  For now it's not the big ones and of course I'm dreaming of having some of my own as well, especially the rare ones.  So, as of now I got quite a number of car models... toy car models displayed and unopened.  I like cars but it seems that the opportunity of learning to drive and owning one will just have to wait for the right time.  Hopefully that's very... very... very... soon. 

Speaking of the big ones, or the toys for the big boys, it seems that more and more brand and models are rolling out in the market.  Catching the attention and curiosity of Dads who are eyeing for one to include in their collections.  One of the brand that is a teaser for Dads is Toyota.  It's as always as exciting to have one.  

Saturday, June 15

Fathers' Day Activities At SM Supermalls

Tomorrow will be Fathers' Day or the Dad's Day.  I'm pretty much sure that lots of Dads and Fathers are expecting to be treated, pampered and taken care of.  I just hoped that Dads won't have to pay for that.  Hahaha!  I just remember the picture that I saw just this year but wasn't able to save it.  So I'll just make a clear picture of it in texts.  The credits is to the one who ever made that picture and wordings.  So here it goes and in bold letters...

Youngest Kid - iPod
Middle Kid - iPhone
Eldest Kid - iPad
DAD - iPay

An Open Letter For My Papa

It’s been years now since I became a Dad and I have never been able to have a good talk with my father. Though there are short conversations still, the things that I wanted to tell were kept inside of me. So I think this coming Fathers’ Day or much better before that big day of Dads comes it is the right time and the right opportunity to at least share my gratitude to my father. Since we rarely see each other I think a letter would do much to share what I wanted to say for years.
Dear Papa,

The feeling is quite odd because I am writing you a letter today and wanting to exhale all the thoughts that I have with you when I was still a kid. Perhaps the spirit of Fathers’ Day has creep inside of me and decided to share things that I haven’t shared before.

Friday, June 14

Friday Toys: TOYCON Philippines 2013 Starts Today

image from
Calling all Dads and kids online! Today is the start of the most awaited gathering of Toys, Toys Enthusiasts, and of course Cosplayers as TOYCON 2013 opens to amazed and bewildered toy affictionados.

So if you want to get exciting and rare toys, great pictures of cosplayers and the exhibit just head on to SM Megamall at Mega Trade Halls 1, 2 and 3.

It's our Friday Toys and we're supposed to be blogging toys and yes we got tons of it today (if I can make it today at TOYCON) but perhaps we will just have it tomorrow maybe.  As usual I'll feature here what I've seen during the event.  But if you really want to experience TOYCON and toys that you'll be getting just get ready and move your butts there.

Thursday, June 13

$175 or P7,000+++ Worth of Prizes Non-Bloggers Category

I think Non-Bloggers are having a hard time waiting for the rafflecopter application to load so I'm putting it in another post to make it load faster and perhaps let the Non-Bloggers participate more.

Here are the prizes and we're increasing the prizes at stake.


1st Prize - Php1,500.00 SM GC
2nd Prize - Php1,000.00 SM GC
3rd Prize – Php700.00 SM GC


Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest and Raffle.

Treat Your Dads at SM Center Pasig This Fathers' Day

Hmmm... it seems that it will be my lucky day this coming June 16!  Well aside from it is weekend it is also Fathers' Day!  Perhaps I'll be resting for a while from blogging and being online.  And having seen one of the posters of SM, specially at SM Center Pasig I think I'll play not knowing any of this and let my wife see this poster.  Perhaps and I hoped that she'll have a surprise for me.  Hahaha!

Anyway for those who don't have anything to do or don't have any plans yet this coming Fathers' Day, better check out some great things to do at SM Center Pasig.  Here are some suggested ideas to treat your Dads or me perhaps.

Sunday, June 9

Daddy Day Care: School Shoes for Maki

School time again and our son, Maki, will be going to school once more.  So as one of our preparation and of course as one of their requirements at school, black leather shoes is needed.  Good thing that Mommy got invited in one of Dr. Kong's event where the brand showcased their products.  They even got feet testing to check whether your flatfooted, arch or whatever.  I think this process is being done for correction purposes and to improve walking.  Not really sure and I don't have any idea the benefit about it but one thing is for sure comfort is the answer.  Who would wear a shoes that is not comfortable on your feet.  Anyway that's how science runs this days and it truly helps a lot.  Gone are the days of barefoot and slippers.    

Me and Gelo inside the MRT going to Robinson's Galleria

Thursday, June 6

Here Are the Prizes for Grabs

Hi dear readers it's been a while and I have been busy making some goodies plus I was busy trying to look for my ATMs PIN. Too bad I wasn't able to find it and I have to have my card replaced. Anyway I know you all are aching to see what does the prizes looks like, so here's what's up for grabs.


So what do you think of the bags and the gift certificates?  Isn't it cool for your kids and of course cool for you too to get something that you like, especially this coming Fathers' Day.  

Oh by the way I'll be putting a video soon about the features of bags.  So, better watch out for it here and who knows you might get interested and blog about it as well. 

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