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Saturday, June 15

An Open Letter For My Papa

It’s been years now since I became a Dad and I have never been able to have a good talk with my father. Though there are short conversations still, the things that I wanted to tell were kept inside of me. So I think this coming Fathers’ Day or much better before that big day of Dads comes it is the right time and the right opportunity to at least share my gratitude to my father. Since we rarely see each other I think a letter would do much to share what I wanted to say for years.
Dear Papa,

The feeling is quite odd because I am writing you a letter today and wanting to exhale all the thoughts that I have with you when I was still a kid. Perhaps the spirit of Fathers’ Day has creep inside of me and decided to share things that I haven’t shared before.

Officially this is my nth times to write you a letter after knowing that you were gone and have worked abroad. I really felt bad when you went off to work abroad and leave us just days before Christmas. I was really torn that time but since I was still a kid I don’t have any idea why you have to work abroad. And my letters to you were basically all about my grades and of course what I want to have as a present. But that was long ago and years already passed.

Now, this will be my very first and official letter to you after becoming a Dad. So, just bear with me and continue reading.

Since Fathers’ Day is just days to go I might as well grab the chance of making you feel how important you are to me and how you manage to make who I am today. After becoming a Dad I was able to reflect on all the things that we’ve done together and I made myself smile because after all those things have guided me in becoming a father.

You’re not a perfect father but a wonderful Papa to me and my sibling.

I remember when I was a kid and you would always bring me along to Divisoria while vending Mama’s finished products which is the short pants. You really worked hard to provide for us and you make sure that you have something for that day. I even remember that you would boast me around to your friends as I help you sell the short pants. Now, I am doing it as well providing for my family and of course boasting what my kids can do to my friends. There’s a sense of pride in doing that.

I also remember our yearly walk to Antipolo. It was a long walk and tiring but you still manage to keep me going and carry me on your shoulders and understand my situation just so that we can do the yearly walk. I realized that Dads do understand their kids.

I remember how you would help on my projects at school. Even though that you’re tired you’re still there to help me. You’ve thought me how to be creative.

You may not have directly taught me all the things about being a father but you have showed me many ways of being a Dad and that’s a legacy that you have imparted. I do hope that my kids will also learn from me. Salamat sa pamana mo, Papa.

From your one and only son,


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