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Sunday, June 9

Daddy Day Care: School Shoes for Maki

School time again and our son, Maki, will be going to school once more.  So as one of our preparation and of course as one of their requirements at school, black leather shoes is needed.  Good thing that Mommy got invited in one of Dr. Kong's event where the brand showcased their products.  They even got feet testing to check whether your flatfooted, arch or whatever.  I think this process is being done for correction purposes and to improve walking.  Not really sure and I don't have any idea the benefit about it but one thing is for sure comfort is the answer.  Who would wear a shoes that is not comfortable on your feet.  Anyway that's how science runs this days and it truly helps a lot.  Gone are the days of barefoot and slippers.    

Me and Gelo inside the MRT going to Robinson's Galleria
So I like I said mommy were able to attend that event and what's more great about it is that she was given a gift certificate with a worth just enough to buy one pair of shoes from Dr. Kong.  So it was truly a blessing and we didn't have to think about it anymore.  The only thing that matters now is going to Dr. Kong's store and choose the best shoes for Maki.

Actually we didn't waste much time and planned Maki's School Shoes hunt at Dr. Kong's place.  We decided to go on a Sunday morning to Robinson's Galleria.  For the reason that that's the only possible day to go and buy the shoes.  After that it's school days already.

It was a hot steamy afternoon actually when we arrived at Robinson's Galleria.  It's really not good for the kids going on and off the air conditioned places, especially Gelo.  Anyway that's one of the consequences that we have to bear.  

The Store at Robinson's Galleria

I find it not good for a security personnel of the establishment not knowing the places and stores inside the mall and what's worst is that giving the customer an answer of "I don't know".  It's really a bad customer service.  Perhaps the best answer for that is "Sir I'll check."  And that's what happened to us.  We were looking for Dr. Kong's place which is according to the Gift Certificate it is located at the Jump Street Wing of the mall.  We asked and the "I don't know" thing was the answer that we get.  So the only option that we had was to look for it and gladly we found it.  

Maki Fitting the shoes

We asked for their leather shoes collections and also asked the sizes available for Maki.  In just few picks we got one that looks good for Maki.  He wears it and modeled it as well.  Afterwards, we let Maki have the feet test to see if there's a need for correction.  The result, Maki was flatfooted but it can be corrected since he's still young.  He'll be tested again after two months (I think.  Got lost with that) to see if it was corrected.  

The Feet Test

Tiring, exhausting and yet fun.  Having a stroll around the mall with the kids are one of those happy moments that we have even though that our two boys are really hyper active.  

So how about you?  How was your preparation for school days?
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