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Friday, June 28

Daddy Yashiro Enjoyed at the TOYCON 2013

It's Friday and today's Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys does not feature a single toy but an awesome collection of toys which I saw during the exhibit and conference of toy enthusiasts and collectors.  I'm sure Dads and kids who love to collect toys will eventually drool with some of the pictures that I have.  I know they are not that crisp and high pixel photos but hey I know you'll get the idea of how enticing they would be.  So better get your reading glass and see what are my pics during the TOYCON Philippines 2013 held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall.

Though I was only able to cover the second of the three day event and it was not that long, still, it was an awesome day of toy viewing and photo shoot.  It was like taking photos of model but what's great for me is that they are all inanimate objects with their clear and detailed designs.

 The TOYCONPH2013 does not only held exhibits of collectibles for sale and for viewing but also have smalls talks about the hobby of collecting plus the most anticipated show of cosplayers who dresses up with their favored character portraying them as likely as possible.  Of course the cosplay queen Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao was also there.  Too bad I was able to have a good picture of her performing on stage.

It was a jampacked event that me and my wife wasn't able to stay and look for toys in one exhibitors because of the flow of expectators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts looking for some rare toys with a great bargain.

So how' you like the pictures?  Isn't it great?

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