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Saturday, June 15

Fathers' Day Activities At SM Supermalls

Tomorrow will be Fathers' Day or the Dad's Day.  I'm pretty much sure that lots of Dads and Fathers are expecting to be treated, pampered and taken care of.  I just hoped that Dads won't have to pay for that.  Hahaha!  I just remember the picture that I saw just this year but wasn't able to save it.  So I'll just make a clear picture of it in texts.  The credits is to the one who ever made that picture and wordings.  So here it goes and in bold letters...

Youngest Kid - iPod
Middle Kid - iPhone
Eldest Kid - iPad
DAD - iPay

Anyway Dads are Dads and no matter what we do we are all there to provide for the family.  So, I know you've already made arrangements but perhaps you could consider some of the activities that SM Supermalls offers this Fathers' Day.

Just click the image to see more of the details.

So I do hope you'll enjoy Fathers' Day at SM Supermalls!  See you there! HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!

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