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Thursday, June 27

Robby Rabbit, Now Not Only Bags

Hi dear readers!  As Daddy Yashiro's Blog Anniversary raffle and contest ends I would like to introduce one of our sponsor, ROBBY RABBIT and some few information about them.  It was great having them as one of our sponsor.

So here it is, as most of us, parents or grandparents,  remember Robby Rabbit as the adorable mascot for children's bags it is also highly to note that they are also now into apparel and other stuff that kids will surely love.  They have been through a process of upgrading and leveling up.  Not only that we recognize him as the image of the brand but also as the fun-loving rabbit hopping around which has been around for over two decades. In fact, Robby Rabbit will be celebrating his 25th birthday on October this year!

Nobody can be sure why Robby Rabbit has thrived for so long, but if we were to take a guess, one reason is probably due to the owner's and his team's passion to innovate and anticipate what kids want and need. This school season, one of the new designs being rolled out (get it, "rolled" out?) is a trolley with wheels that light up when in motion. You have to see it in action!

Robby Rabbit like I mentioned earlier that isn't just about children's bags. Over the years, the brand has evolved and expanded to address the other needs of young kids. It now has a line of supplementary products like juice bottles, key chains, board fans, and other items. The cool part is, most of these useful items come as free gifts when you buy one of the bigger bags in the collection.

Here's one of the dress that Robby Rabbit have and is worn by ABC5 child star Junyka Santarin.

The apparel collections are not just for girls. Boys have their own sets of shirts and pants, too!

Robby Rabbit bags and apparel are available in SM Department Stores, Landmark, Robinson's, and other department stores.

Did I mentioned that Robby Rabbit will be having its birthday celebration?  Yes, they will have and is planning a party for his 25th birthday! He's thinking of holding a mini-fashion runway walk to showcase his stuff.   So, if your child is between 3 to 12 years old and you'd like them to be part of the mini fashion show, please "like" their page: and send a photo of your child to Robby Rabbit.  Well they are eager and looking forward to see you at their party!

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