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Sunday, June 16

Toys For The Big Dads, Like Daddy Yashiro

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If you'll be seeing one portion of the shelves in our cabinet you'll find that Daddy Yashiro isn't just a blogger who indulge into blogging and online activities but I'm into collecting cars.  For now it's not the big ones and of course I'm dreaming of having some of my own as well, especially the rare ones.  So, as of now I got quite a number of car models... toy car models displayed and unopened.  I like cars but it seems that the opportunity of learning to drive and owning one will just have to wait for the right time.  Hopefully that's very... very... very... soon. 

Speaking of the big ones, or the toys for the big boys, it seems that more and more brand and models are rolling out in the market.  Catching the attention and curiosity of Dads who are eyeing for one to include in their collections.  One of the brand that is a teaser for Dads is Toyota.  It's as always as exciting to have one.  

So buying a new Toyota is always exciting .  Toyota has recently unveiled many new models for 2013, and some popular brands will get a complete redesign in 2014.  Each of the new models is the perfect blend of technology and convenience, creating stellar vehicles anyone can be proud to drive.  If you haven’t decided on a vehicle yet, consider the several different models Toyota makes.  Each one is built with quality parts and requires low amounts of ongoing maintenance.  Most of the Toyota models have great mileage for their class and stylish cabs.  For those who want an environmentally-friendly vehicle that gets great mileage, the Prius may be a great option.  The Tundra is a popular choice for a full-size pick up truck, because it is built to withstand some of the roughest treatments.  Classic mid-size car lovers tend to love the comfort and simplicity of the Corolla.  If you are still having trouble deciding what would fit your lifestyle best, try contacting a Toyota dealer and seeing the vehicles in person. can help you find a local dealer with your top vehicle choices in stock.  Browsing the website is also an easy way to see all of the options available to you.

So, if you're a Dad what will you be eyeing for?  What brand and what model?
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