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Saturday, July 20

OraMD, An Alternative Oral Health Care

Well, daddy Yashiro is always in search of something unique, something natural and something useful,  as much as possible something that can be use by me and of the whole family.  I'm not afraid to try new things in a way but of course there's always the second thought of doing and trying it.  So trying and and testing is what Dads do, at least in my case.

Just a month ago I received a package containing a product for review.  I'm very much thankful to the company that they were able to find my opinions through my blog rather unique in their perception.  Since Daddy Yashiro's Journal talks about family matters, parenting tips and kid staff perhaps this product falls under my family care or should I say more or an oral care.

Daddy Day Care: The Jollitown Kids Show Shooting Experience

Woohoo!  It's good to know that they'll be having another season of JOLLITOWN.  Daddy Yashiro's Journal have been following every season of JOLLITOWN.   I think my son, Maki and I were able to attend the Press Conference of JOLLITOWN Season 4.  Maki enjoy that event and was able to see some of the cast of JOLLITOWN.

Now, JOLLITOWN is on its season 6 and we were glad that we were able to have a visit on one of the shooting of JOLLITOWN KID SHOW.  Their newest season makes it more interactive with the kids.  More learning and more things to enjoy.   The visit was great and my son Maki was able to join with the other kids who are part of the viewers.  Just like I said before they make it more interactive that's why they kids as the audience.

Saturday, July 13

Daddy Day Care: The Kids Enjoyed Nick Jr. Play Date

It's Daddy Day Care time and gladly that this weekend is something for the kids to really enjoy.  Our kids loves the weekend because it is our bonding time and their moment to experience different things with Daddy and Mommy.  Though I know this is a tiring weekend for but hey it's for the kids so lets just go with it and have fun.  This time our weekend adventure is at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia where the Nick Jr. Play Date happened.

This event was held last June 30, 2013, a Sunday afternoon that made the kids day more fun and exciting with different games and performances.   As we got inside of the venue, there were plenty of kids screaming, running around, and enjoying the play date.   It was really a play date!  Kids and even parents were strolling around and was enjoying the day!

Saturday, July 6

Daddy Day Care: Best Family Bonding Date with Jollibee and Sarah G.

Photo courtesy of Mommy Jo Bonsol of 
Daddy Yashiro had been busy for quite some time preparing for things, working, planning, etc.  So a good date out with Wifey and the kids makes it relaxing in a different way.  At least out of the ordinary routine from my weekly chores and schedules.  Since it is weekend and it is Sunday it is just right to feature this family bonding on our Daddy Day Care segment.  Family activities, getting together, and having a great meal with the whole family, that's makes us all closer together.

I thought my weekend would be stay in the house and do my usual routine but gladly and though it was a short notice, thanks to Ms. Chelle and Jollibee we were able to have this wonderful bonding moment at Trinoma Mall.  First we have our meal together with the kids, we had the ever loved juicilicious and crispylicious "Chickenjoy", the spaghettiest "Spaghetti" and of course their sweet sundae.  My kids love these very much as much as me and wifey loves it.  After that delicious meal we headed to the activity center area where an exclusive Sunday Afternoon family-themed event is happening with none other than the Pop Star Princess and Jollibee Chickenjoy brand Ambassador SARAH GERONIMO performs for all the families present in the area.

Wednesday, July 3

Make Your Kid Star's Shines The Brightest

Okay remember that I featured here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal the search for the baby image model, well we will also feature another search and this time is for boys and girls ages from 4 to 6 years old with the "BIBO" attitude.  Let these kids be noticed with their talents and charm as they perform with confidence to make it as the brightest star.   SM Supermalls will be having their SM LITTLE STARS 2013, the search is on its 7th year already making talented kids shines.

Tuesday, July 2

And The Winners Are....

Daddy Yashiro is very much sorry with the delay of officially posting the winners here but rest assured that all the winners are well informed through their respective email addresses.  There are just some few hindrances that arise at the time of my posting.  Anyway so much with my lousy excuses, which is terribly my fault for not posting it ASAP, now is the time to know officially who won the prizes.

First things first! After a thorough review of all the entries, few of which I personally liked and posted on the Daddy Yashiro Facebook Page, it seems that the blog post entries weren't liked and shared enough to make it viral so we will not be giving out this specific prize but we will make another round of raffle for this one so expect for it.

Okay! So let's head on for the winners of this giveaway.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

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