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Saturday, July 13

Daddy Day Care: The Kids Enjoyed Nick Jr. Play Date

It's Daddy Day Care time and gladly that this weekend is something for the kids to really enjoy.  Our kids loves the weekend because it is our bonding time and their moment to experience different things with Daddy and Mommy.  Though I know this is a tiring weekend for but hey it's for the kids so lets just go with it and have fun.  This time our weekend adventure is at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia where the Nick Jr. Play Date happened.

This event was held last June 30, 2013, a Sunday afternoon that made the kids day more fun and exciting with different games and performances.   As we got inside of the venue, there were plenty of kids screaming, running around, and enjoying the play date.   It was really a play date!  Kids and even parents were strolling around and was enjoying the day!

Maki, my eldest son is eager and participating to almost all the different games inside the venue of course except the games for the babies.  Hahaha!,  We were glad that one of our blogger friends Bedalyn provided us a number for Maki so he can join the game on the stage.  He waited excitingly until the game begun.  He stood at the stage ready to participate, the game was called "Wonderpets SuperHero Day".  This make Maki look like a superhero, he wears a cape and runs to the trees and back just to save pets in which the Wonderpets does in their show on TV.   Maki got even more happier win Their group won!  

Of course our youngest one, Gelo also enjoy the day at the Nick Jr. Play Date.  He joined in different games inside the venue but of course not all of them but only those suitable for him.   There was one game that they let the kids look at the TV and pops out the picture of a fruit and for Gelo it was an apple plus another apple and he needs to pick up from a box of numbers the right answer for that.  Since he doesn't know much about it Kuya Maki help Gelo find the number 2 and they won.  Isn't it amazing to see siblings joining forces to achieve a goal?!

We end up the day with a big smile and enjoy the Play Date though the kids were very tired but it was a great memory to cherish.

Nick. Jr. Play Date is presented by Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste, and co sponsored by Combie Cookie Crunch, Ocean Adventure, Purefood Fun Stuff Nuggets and Zest-o Juice Drink. Official venue is SMX Convention Center Manila and Print Media Partner is Working Mom Magazine

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