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Wednesday, July 3

Make Your Kid Star's Shines The Brightest

Okay remember that I featured here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal the search for the baby image model, well we will also feature another search and this time is for boys and girls ages from 4 to 6 years old with the "BIBO" attitude.  Let these kids be noticed with their talents and charm as they perform with confidence to make it as the brightest star.   SM Supermalls will be having their SM LITTLE STARS 2013, the search is on its 7th year already making talented kids shines.

The audition will start on July 7, 2013 on selected SM Malls.  So moms and dads let your kid start practicing and be ready for the audition.  Big prizes awaits for the winners.  You can check out the SM Supermalls' Facebook Page for more details.


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