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Saturday, September 7

Daddy Day Care: Ninong Max's 1st Grand Inaanak Fun Day

It's Daddy Day Care when we headed to one of the biggest grand celebration of Ninong Max's first ever Grand Inaanak (Godchildren) Fun Day.  It was truly a fun, happy and enjoyable day as inaanaks (Godchildren) of Ninong Max convene at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.  Gathering over 2,800 participants from different places and enjoying Ninong Max's treat for his inaanaks (Godchildren).  Of course our family is also one of them who enjoys the day and most especially the kids, Maki and Gelo.

There were different activities inside the activity area like the coloring activity, the search and paste, of course there's also the photobooth section where most of the moms, dads and kids are lined up and there's also the Superbook booth section where Gelo and I was able to win in a pick a prize.  We were able to pick a CD entitled "The Easter Promise".  My eldest kid, Maki, thought it was a CD of Superbook but I just tell him that it's close to that and this one is the story of Jesus right before He was crucified.

I think what my kids enjoy the most was the showing of some Superbook episodes.  Hmmm... I think this the first time that they've watched the animated series "Superbook".  Though I have heard before that the Superbook animated series was airing again I didn't thought that it was airing on GMA 7.  So all the while we thought it was on the cable networks.  Now, the kids got curious about the story and wanted to watch more episodes.  Gladly the network was airing the new version on Saturdays and the old version on Sundays.

Okay back to the Grand Inaanak Fun Day.  The "Ninong Ko si Max's" campaign was first introduced in 2011 to pay tribute to the iconic member of the Filipino extended family, who else but the Ninongs (Godfathers)!  Max was launched as the official Godfather of every child who celebrated their christening reception at Max's Restaurant.  Every year, until they reach the age of 7, inaanak's will receive Christmas and birthday presents from their doting Ninong Max.  With a minimum purchase of Php200, for every store visit, they will also be privileged to receive yummy freebies like Max's Corner Bakery's oven-fresh treats.  On top of these, they will also get a 15% VIP discounts on their 1st and 7th birthday celebrations at any Max's Restaurant in the country.

According to Ms. Ghena Austero, Max's Marketing Manager for Dine-in, Functions and Events, "Max's Restaurant has celebrated the most important milestones in almost every Filipino family for nearly seven decades.  In all these years of sharing treasured memories together, max's has played a very important role in strengthening family relationships from generation to generation.  With Max's first Grand Inaanak Fun Day, we want to create a unique and memorable experience that will transcend the tightly-knit family tradition that is inherent among Filipinos."

To learn more about Ninong Max's growing family and how you can be an official "inaanak" just log on to for more details or visit and be a member of Max's official Facebook fan page.

So, how about you how was your weekend?  Did you went to this event as well?  Hope you could share it too.
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