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Friday, September 27

Friday Toys: The Rest of the Smurfs Toys

Okay it's Friday once again and it is time for our Friday Toys.  I think we're on our third Friday of showcasing Smurfs character toys which were once available on McDonald's with the Happy Meals.  So, since were making it too long we will now introduce the rest of the gangs of Smurfs.

We have introduced Papa Smurf, Baker Smurf, Smurfette, and Vexy.  So we will be introducing eight more of the Smurfs Toy Characters.

Jokey is one of the Smurfs characters who loves to play jokes and the Jokey the toy is enclosed in a glass ball, so this could be rolled and can also be played throw and catch but of course be sure to catch it or it will break if falls.  Be sure not to give it to kids below three years old because they might throw it in your face.

Brainy, Smurfs character that loves to read and is very much intelligent.  The Brainy Toy has winding key that when it is ready it walks around and as it walks his eyes rolls from left to right as well.  Very fragile so better make sure that it is taken care properly, especially the leg part.

Greedy is the most gluttonous character in Smurf, from it's name greedy his greedy enough to much what he likes and doesn't shares it to others.  Just the Brainy Character Toy this Greedy Character toys also winds up and when set off walks around carrying a sack on its back representing its greediness.

Hefty the strong and powerful Smurf Character.  Not really sure why the Hefty Character Toy is designed as upside down.  Just like Brainy and Greedy, Hefty can also be wind up and set to walk on its own or rather walk on his hands.

Clumsy, this Smurfs character is really one character that is really clumsy but of course that's according to the definitions of the Smurfs characters.  The Clumsy Character Toy does not clumsy things but instead might be useful enough in the dark as it lights your way and can be a beacon as well, perhaps to avoid us being clumsy.  Hahaha.

Party Planner
Party Planner, one of the most busy Smurfs character as he loves to plan parties for everybody.  The Party Planner Character Toy has a very simple feature.  What else is widely used on parties?  Well none  other than the party hats and the party trumpets (not really sure what it is called so I better research more of what it is called).  You can blow on Party Planner's party hat to make trumpet sound.

Handy Smurfs is the character that all Smurfs rely on when it comes to handy works.  The Handy Character Toy is just plain and simple, no features on or in it but it is much more of a decoration or a paper weight.

Hackus is one of the newest character which from the start was a troll but later on became part of Smurfs.  Hackus is playful just like Jokey.  The Hackus Character Toy can hold things with its two arms.

All these toys are all made up of plastics that when it breaks it may hurt the kids so parents better not leave your kids unattended when they are playing.  Always make sure they only play and have fun with it and that's what it should be.

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