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Friday, September 13

Friday Toys: Smurfs Toys With Smurfette and Vexy

Hi readers!  It's Friday the 13th today but we don't consider this day as a curse or something but me and my family consider it as a blessed day.

As promised here are two more of the Smurfs Toys review series on our Friday Toys segment.  So for this Friday our featured toy are Smurfette and Vexy.  This two are the only lady characters in the animated movie and of this set of toys.

Smurfette is the lady smurf with the blond hair and blue colored skin (well that's how the smurf's are colored).  This toy is does an action with both of her hands clips together while holding the wand on the other hand.  So when the button at the back is pressed both hands will be holding the staff then when released it will go back to arm stretched.  A very simple mechanism for a small toy.

The next one is Vexy which is according to the story is just like Smurfette.  Her color is grey which looks like a troll.  This toys action's shows her hand holding a big spoon and when a button is pressed it will turn like a chopper blades.

Moms and Dads these two toys are of course made of PVC plastic and as a usual precaution these two are not yet allowed for children under 3 years old to be played.  They might be choked or poked by pointed parts of the toys.

So for now these are our featured toys and more toys every Friday for our Friday Toys segment.

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